Remediation Strategies


Once a contaminated site has been investigated, the Local Authority, NHBC or Environment Agency may impose planning or land quality conditions on its development. GeoDyne will produce a Remediation Method Statement and liaise with the relevant statutory organisations throughout the process to ensure in the discharge of conditions.

We keep up to date with the latest remediation technologies and legislation so we can offer our clients the most up to date and informed advice. We also stay in touch with specialist remediation contractors so we know what can be delivered locally.

GeoDyne will design a remediation programme taking into consideration the contaminants present, site setting, time and cost constraints, regulatory requirements and end-use. The method will be chosen from the full range of options available including on-site or off-site disposal and physical, biological and chemical techniques.

Following remediation of a site, GeoDyne will undertake a programme of validation to ensure that the works have been completed in accordance with the Remediation Method Statement and the requirements of the relevant authorities. Our Validation Reports are designed to enable the discharge of all imposed conditions and allow developers to proceed with confidence.