Materials Management Plans


Historically, the redevelopment of brownfield sites resulted in the removal of excess material to landfill, an expensive and frequently unnecessary activity. Similarly, the development of greenfield sites had produced clean materials that could not be used on other sites as their re-use was controlled by Environmental Permits or Waste Exemptions.

Developers can now save time and money by following 'The Definition of Waste: Development Industry Code of Practice' which allows the sustainable re-use of materials both on the site of origin, and more importantly by direct transfer between sites.

The preparation of Materials Management Plans (MMPs), is an integral part of the Code of Practice. These must be reviewed by an independent Qualified Person, who must be of Chartered status and have undertaken suitable training at CL:AIRE. Jason Hollands (Director) and David Hooton (Technical Associate) are registered as a Qualified Person with CL:AIRE.

We prepare detailed MMPs, typically in combination with a Remediation Method Statement (RMS), for a site. These are supported by a Qualified Person declaration when submitted to the Environment Agency.

Richard Spencer commented “GeoDyne’s ability to prepare MMPs and more importantly undertake the role of the Qualified Person enables us to assist clients with their Waste Management Strategies, saving them time and money, whilst delivering on key environmental performance indicators and ensuring sustainable re-use of materials on site”.